Sunday, 30 June 2013

My Year 11 Prom!

Hey guys, last Thursday I had my year 11 leavers prom.
This was my outfit the dress was perfect I wanted a short dress and it had to be purple I did really want lace. After months of shopping on the sales in shops like house of Fraser and online prom dress shop I was becoming really desperate so I was in Cardiff shopping for a dress with mum and we had been literally everywhere when she suggested I look in Tk-Max. I have never been a big fan of tk-max really yes the stuff is cheap but everything is all over the place and it feels like shopping in a jumble sale but we went in. I saw this straight away on the edge of the clearance rail and instantly fell in love with it. it was purple, short, sparkly and everything I wanted and the best bit is it was only £30!!!!!!
My mum bought the purple clutch bag for my birthday, the black wedges I already owned from new look and the necklace was only £2.50 from Claire's.
I am proud of how little I spent on prom because I still loved everything I wore, honestly the dress made me feel beautiful and I had a great night. Some girls I know spent ridiculous amounts on prom for one night and they complained about how painful everything they wore was and I doubt they will have many chances to wear their dresses again.
So overall with the low budget for my prom outfit I couldn't be happier with the outcome and how I looked on the night.
Love Charlotte

Sunday, 9 June 2013


These are my two favourite nail vanishes at the moment!
The pinky colour is from NYC new york colour in shade Lincoln Square Lavender, it was given to me as a present but I am I sure its available in Superdrug and boots. (I found a link anyway, Buy Here)
The second colour is from Barry M this is the first product I have bought from Barry M. It is called Amethyst Glitter. I bought it purely because the colour is so beautiful.  It is a glitter on the photographs it looks purple but it is more multi-coloured there is pink, gold, sky blue and purple glitter. You can wear it on its on or paint a background colour first which I always do. However I was disappointed with the quality. It chips so bad. I got caught on my tights, ripped my tight and the whole glitter layer came off. Each time I have worn it, it only last about three hours before it starts chipping. However I still recommend it because it is so gorgeous if it goes with a simple statement dress three hours into a party nobody will notice. (Buy Here)

Love Charlotte

The Great Gatsby

 Hi guys,

So I recently went to see The Great Gatsby in the cinema with a few old friends.  Before going I didn't know much about the story I had always wanted to read the book one day but I had never got round to it and saw the film anyway!  Even though I live by the rule always read the book then watch the film. So the film was just simply beautiful the set was amazing, the story was amazing I even cried I didn't actually realise it was a love story and love story's are one of my favourite things ever, the acting was amazing and of course the costumes were beautiful!  

So it got me even more inspired by the jazz era, the days of the flapper dresses and 1920s America! 
Carey Mulligan looked simply mind blowing through the film.....

( Mulligan in Miu Miu dress embroidered with Swarovski elements and heels)

(Carey Mulligan in Tiffany jewellery for The Great Gatsby) 
(tiffany & co. for The Great Gatsby) 
(one of Catherine Martine's designs for the great Gatsby)

My personal style isn't very formal or feminine at all, you will never see me in a blouse or pale colours.  Yet I was still wondering how to but the key elements of "The Great Gatsby" style 
Into todays life especially in teens. I feel the key things are jewelled headbands, cream a lot of cream, lots of jewellery and wide leg trousers.
These 3 item's stood out the most for me first off all this leaf embellishment top which is simple yet beautiful and very modern. I would pair it with a black blazer and skinny jeans maybe for a meal out.

 ( topshop Buy Here )
I also love this white fringe shift dress. I think it still has a 20's flapper feel about it but it looks so young and free. I would team it with a leather jacket, black wedges and red lippy maybe for a house party.
(topshop, Buy Here )

And finally I love this peach shell embroidered blouse. The pattern is beautiful. I would wear it with a grey cardigan and blue jeans.

(topshop, Buy Here )

Love Charlotte 

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Leather look pinafore!

Hey Guys,
It was my 16th birthday about five weeks ago but because of my exams I haven't really had a chance to go shopping and spend my birthday money but I did go quickly into outfit last weekend because I had an outfit gift card! (Outfit is just one big store in the U.K selling clothes from a number of big U.K chains such a TopShop and Miss Selfridge, its amazing!  :D). This gift card was worth £20 which in topshop can probably get you a plain white tank top and that's about it so of course I had to look in the sales.
I was mainly looking for some new pieces for my summer wardrobe especially a versatile denim jacket, a sun dress or a pinafore!
I found some beautiful denim jackets but the cheapest I saw was £45. Then I was tempted by a navy pinafore playsuit with gold buttons on the straps it was very tailored and nautical!  But I don't often wear navy or anything nautical because red isn't really my colour so I decided to keep looking. 
I was about to give up and keep the money for another time when right at the back of the sale rack I spotted a leather pinafore!  I am obsessed with leather. I wear my leather look jacket with everything and my real leather boots I live in so I had always wanted to buy some leather shorts or a skirt. So this was amazing getting a pinafore and leather skirt in one. It has silver buttons and a zip pocket going across the chest which I think gives it even more of an edgier look.
It is a U.K size six/ European 34 so the skirt is very tight on me because I am close to a size eight but apart from that it fits nicely!
However I am very unsure about what to wear with it. I think I sleek white shirt maybe with studs on he collar would work nicely but I never wear shirts or blouses. I also think I would wear tights with it but you can't wear black on black so I doubt I will be wearing it out any time soon.
Here's the best part the price. It was originally priced at £42 in Miss Selfridge!  Ridiculously expensive!  The sale sticker said £15 and hen when I got to the till it came up as £10!!! Amazing!

(watch, urban outfitters given to me as a gift)

Love Charlotte

Welcome! ♡

Hi guys!
So I thought I'd finally find the time to start a fashion blog now my exams are nearly over so my summer will start next weekend. This won't be too personal for now anyway!
On here I will mostly be posting anything that inspires me, clothes I could only wish to buy and mostly my latest bargains. Being a 16 year old only just sitting my GSCE's I have a very limited budget so I only ever shop in the sales, bargain hunting is a big passion of mine trying to get the most I can for my money.
So I will do my first proper post in the next few days I do still have four exams left!
Love Charlotte!
P.S I picked up the latest issue of company magazine this morning I recommend very good read! Amazing shoot with Jessica Lowndes