Monday, 22 May 2017

Tropical Prints - Style post

Hey Guys,
I hope you enjoyed last weeks post as today's outfit post is from the same location, shot at Trebah Gardens. 

Shirt - Zara
Jeans - Gap
Jacket (round waist) - Gap
Backpack - Nica
Sandals - Next

For someone who as a kid hated flowers, "What's the point they just die, rubbish present" I am now obsessed with all the flowers. I adore this shirt for the summer, blue has always been one of my favourite colours to wear. It is so light weight it will be so nice as the weather keeps getting warmer (here's hoping eh?). The top button is very low so it can gape a be quite boob-y. Plus Trebah (tropical gardens) was a very fitting back drop for such a tropic print.
It is another one of my classic outfits that are supper comfy but because of the print it's a little more than just a t-shirt and jeans.
I'm still loving my new backpack, its perfect for adventures. Think its the only bag I have that I can fit my DSLR in.

Love Charlotte

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

My 19th Birthday at Trebah Gardens - Lifestyle post

Hey guys

So nearly two weeks ago now (4/5/17) was my 20th birthday. This is only my second birthday away from home so I'm still used to my mum going all out but this year my best gals put her to shame and came over in the morning, decorated my lounge and provides a danish pastry and mimosa or tow for breakfast whitest I opened all my cards and presents.

Then after going to vote in the local elections of course we headed to Trebah Gardens which is still technically in Falmouth but along the helford river and near one of my favourite beaches. Trebah is 26 acre's of sub tropical gardens including an amphitheatre and a private beach.  Of course we accidentally found the kids play park first and spent too long on the zip wire but after that its so easy to follow the gardens down to the beach while seeing everything on the way.


 Everywhere I looked there was so many different vibrant colours it was just so beautiful.

The view from the top lawns with a little view of the sea in.


The water gardens / the cheesiest photo of the whole day 

We had a change of plans with the meal out as my original plan was to go back to the Ferryboat inn near Trebah but just as we got there at 3pm lunch service had finished so we drove back into Falmouth to try the Little red rooster dinner which was so nice. We each got a burger then got fries, sweet potato fries with mac and cheese to share which was all great and amazing value. 

 We ended the day in typical style with a great pre drinks which included lots of gin, George Michael and a game that was basically 'beat the intro' but with kazoos before heading into town .

I tried to keep this not too photo heavy ( we got SO many pictures at trebah gardens). I hope you enjoyed this lil look at how I was spoilt this year (Thanks again to my best friends for treating me). I have done this kinda post for the last few years here is my 18th and 19th birthday posts. I also normally do a present haul post but it would be more of a haul anyway as most of my family just gave me money so I'm not sure about that this year.

Thanks ! P.S Head to my pinned tweet (@afashionoddity) for a quick giveaway to celebrate hitting 1K Instagram followers and then keep an eye out for another one in June on here.

Love Charlotte

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Stripes and polka dots - Style post

Hey Guys,

Shirt : TU at Sainsburys
Jeans: Gap
Belt : Primark
Shoes : Vans
Backpack : Nica

Yesterday my friends and I took a walk to Enys gardens as the bluebells are in full bloom at the moment, we knew this would be the perfect photo backdrop. It was just the cutest day walking around these beautiful gardens in the sun. It's my birthday later this week and so far my 'birthday week' has been full of baking, cinema trips (we saw 21st century women which I am in love with) and adventures with my friends.
The blue stripped shirt has been all over instagram of recent and I am loving all these ones with a little twist like the red panelling on this shirt which I still cant believe I got in Sainsburys. Now backpacks have been something I've not worn since I left high school but this one which I choose from Nica as part of a mothers day prize (mum and I each got to choose a bag in celebration of mothers day) I am obsessed with, its such a soft leather that its not at all stiff when its not full but there is so much room inside I've only had it a week or so now and have used it every day since. Plus I love wearing the polka dot print on the back clashing with other prints like these stripes.

Hope you are enjoying the spring bloom just as much as I am this season.

Love Charlotte

Monday, 24 April 2017

How to choose which university is right for you - Lifestyle

Hey guys,

A few years back now I made a post talking about my experiences doing my A levels and taking about whether to stay at your school or go to a sixth form college which I loved so I thought it was about the time I shared my thoughts on the process of choosing the right university for you although I think its too late in the year now as most people would have chosen their first and insurance choice through UCAS by now (that's how it works in the UK anyway).

The way I went about this process probably wasn't the best way, I had no idea what I wanted to study, where I wanted to go or anything. However I knew I wanted to go to university, perhaps for the wrong reasons (social life, because my parents went [they met each other at uni so when I was very young I had the idea of you go to uni, meet the person you end up with and it all just works out] and to get away from home). My parents however were kind of against me going they knew financially we couldn't afford it, the debt I'd have after wouldn't be worth it and the idea that especially in fashion I could get further with industry experience instead I totally ignored these points, the idea of the student loan is glamorised before uni and you really understand the catches. Anyway so you know you want to go?

So now first write down what you already know... the cities you like (for me going somewhere I'd never been before was daunting) you may know automatically what you want to study but most of us don't so look at what you enjoy studying at the moment and where they can take you, write down the industries you are interested in and start looking at the degrees out there (I was studying R.S, Sociology and photography loved all three but also knew I wanted to work in fashion so I was a mess looking into course from Sociology and philosophy to fashion design). If you are like me looking at courses so different there are a few questions to ask
- Which area is more employable?
- Which are you currently more qualified in?
- What are you most passionate about?
- Think how you will be studying this for at least three years including a dissertation so think through what you want to learn more about but also university course are just about learning its about your own research and own work so what courses will you enjoy enough to want to do well in.

Once you have brainstormed and started asking yourself these questions about what you want to study. I'd really recommend attending a UCAS fair if there is one near you. Its an amazing chance to grab as many prospectuses for all the uni's you can. I definitely went over board and it helped. It opened my eyes to just how many different unis are in the country and you can ask questions. (I went to mine before doing any of my own research so asked a lot of obvious questions.

For me by this point I had my 3 course categories
- Fashion marketing / business courses
- Sociology / philosophy and social sciences
- teaching related
Then I had a few cities I knew I wanted to look at mainly Bristol and Bath (was born there but only lived there for like a month, been desperate to move back ever since) but none of the courses were right. No matter how many lists I made I couldn't choose my course, therefore career path randomly.

Next you need to attend as many open days as you can I went to at least 6 but go to more if you can. Even if you know you'd rather move away also look at the uni's in your home city. Most of them work in a similar away allowing you to attend sort talks from a few different courses (which was perfect for me), explore campus, have an accommodation tour and talk to as many people as possible to get a feel for the place from lecturers and current students. I also tried to get a chance to go into the town or city because that was a big factor for me when committing to live somewhere new for three years.
The process of open days was what helped me decide on the course area I wanted to stick with (after many teaching course talks we knew it wasn't for me, it is different to when my mum did hers and she said it sounds ridiculous plus you can do any course then do the years PGC after to pursue teaching). The final thing the made me decide to go with fashion was the career possibilities (yes post-grad employability is looking impossible, probably a future post on this) I had no idea where my future would go after studying sociology.

Another tip I'd recommend is as annoying it may be every family member constantly asking you questions about 'Where have you applied?', 'What are you going to study?' etc make the most of this, ask them questions about their uni experiences but also your friends those who are applying to uni at the same time were amazing help for me. One of my best friends Jess was also undecided about where to apply so we all went round with a handful of laptops and traded ideas. Jess threw me the Falmouth prospectus and thank god she did, I'd honestly never even heard of the place (soz fal), I'd never even been to Cornwall and now I've lived here for nearly two years. So all I can say is keep talking about.

For me after that day with Jess it all kind of fell into place I fell in love with falmouth town, the course and campus. I applied to 4 other options I had been to and liked them all for different reasons. So I had my five choices that I applied to via UCAS but to then choose my first and insurance choices once again meant lots of lists. Pro and con lists this time you ask yourself to compare the uni's with questions such as
- distance from home, cost of public transport home etc
-  note details of the course (for example I was choosing between Manchester a heavily business theory based fashion course and Falmouth which is half creative and half business)
- cost of accommodation
- The town think about whats important to you for example clubs, all the high street shops, a beach etc and work out which town has what you need.
- The universities qualities, this is not related to the course but the uni in general from campus tours (for example the library and SU), how the uni is perceived (look at the league tables). For me this was a big factor I had been accepted into Manchester which is a top Russell group university so I thought it would be mad to turn that offer down but Falmouth is the number one Arts university so again thinking about what works best for you.
- The final question you need to be honest with yourself in regards to the entry grades for each uni. I knew what was realistic for me to achieve on my A level results day. So compare what they are all looking for and work out which you can most likely get in to.
However this list of pros and cons is all the practical things and part of this is just going with your heart, knowing where you will be happy for three years.

Finally the one website I'd recommend using throughout the whole process is WHICH university. To initially find course you may be interested in, to compare them and to access league tables.

I hope you find this post useful and best of luck with applying to uni (I didn't touch on the best way to apply to university because I'd only be able to talk about applying to fashion courses I guess). I didn't know what images to include so I just took some pretty pictures of the buildings around my university campus in the sun.

Love Charlotte

Thursday, 20 April 2017

The Hashery / #summeriscoming - Blogger event

Hey guys,

On Monday evening I was invited over to The Hashery in Cardiff to have a sneaky look at their summer menu which is launching next week (commencing 24th April).
The Hashery is a bar and restaurant perfectly situated near the castle in Cardiff city centre. I first went there back in December, when they'd just opened with my friends and we had an amazing night. The best thing about this bar for me was always the fact their cocktails are 2 4 1, 24/7 which is just amazing. Therefore its somewhere I go for cocktails on a night out and never somewhere I'd considered going for food...but I will now.

We arrived to an amazing display and a glass of prosecco,  I got chatting straight away to Charlie and Sheri.

I've always loved the decor at the Hashery with the fairy lights and a ceiling covered in comic cool.

Then we had a talk through the new additions to their food menu. Generally everything is priced at £10 and under with a set lunch menu at £7 which is an amazing price for right in the city centre too.

First we got to try the mezze boards and one of my highlights were their giant mozzarella dippers which are fried in nachos, I am obsessed with mozzarella dippers but these were on a whole new level.

The mussels along with the cocktails what I knew The hashery for. There's a huge selection of 'sauces' to choose from I've been recommended to try the thai green mussel dish. The mussels are locally sourced (like most of the ingredient for example I know all the bread is supplied from a bakery at Cardiff market)

Now things got messy, we tried first the 'hot mess' which is a spiced bolognise sub style dish. Then another highlight of mine was the new minute steak which was such a tasty, high quality piece of meat. We also tried the steak sandwich and an ultimate burger, fried pickles and some of the best onion rings.

Finally we moved over to the bar to be talked through there is a lot of new additions to the cocktail menu, six I think. My favourite cocktails were the summer garden party and an elder-flower based one both with gin. Then they have added the two summer essentials of sangria and pims, amazing. Along with the electric blue tea now including a charity donation. 

I had a great evening trying these amazing treats and chatting to some new friends. I can't express how much I love this place and its definitively on my top places to go in Cardiff now. 

Love Charlotte
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