Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Some Personal and career goals

Hey Guys,

I was inspired, as usual by Chloe from The Little plums personal posts, a follow up to her goal posts from back in July.  I do a lot of self-analysing anyway, I get annoyed at myself for doing things after I've done them but most recently I've been thinking about how much I've changed in the last 18 months. Not necessarily changed in terms of my personality just my mindsets and motivation around things as well as the places I am in. 
So I've been trying to sum up what I've achieved (because it's okay to be proud of ya self sometimes) and think about some more goals.


In the past - I was very unmotivated with my work, I felt a bit stuck. At university, I got easily frustrated with projects and lecturers constantly getting negative feedback but with no clue on how to improve it, I soon felt frustrated and then lost a lot of interest. I still cared about the subjects and I wanted to do well but just not enough. I cared about other things about student life more. You could say I cared about those things TOO much however I don't regret it that much because I still succeeded in my degree and am glad I have all the memories from the other aspects of being a student which are arguably just as important.
As well as not being motivated with my uni work, I let A Fashion Oddity fall out of focus I haven't been properly consistent with this brand for years either.

I am now - Working my first 'adult' job, for years I've loved my part-time jobs in retail but in the new year I started the first job in my career field as a website assistant for an engineering firm and I have gained a new confidence and motivation around work I haven't had for years. At uni getting up the road for a 9am lecture was near impossible for me now I am up at 6:45 and in the office from 8am. I partly think I am still in the novelty of it all, the first office job, the meetings and everything feeling grown up. But I also think I have genuinely just grown up about this, people mention any form of training and I am jumping at the chance to learn, I am getting my ideas heard, speaking up in meetings and really just loving working which is such a contrast from this time last year for me.

My goals - As you can tell I am pretty happy with where I am at work wise, I am looking at some training to further my digital marketing knowledge at work though.

I want to really push my blog though. I have a lot planned for this little baby. In the next few months, I have a whole new re-brand and a new website to launch soon.

 I want to work on finding the balance between working a 9 to 5 and spending enough time working on my blog, (this is the kind of change I have noticed in myself, at uni I struggled to do any uni work at home after a two hour lecture and now I work 8+ hours, with an hour commute either side and when I get home, I still want to keep working) I want to become more involved in the Cornish blogging community and keep building connections.

In the past - I was atrocious with money, I got my card declined before every payday and student loan, the loan was meant to stretch over 3 months but I'd always run out for the third rent. I put off doing things such as learning to drive because there was no way I could afford enough lessons let alone then a test, a car, insurance and more on that so I could never be bothered to start. 

At the moment - When I moved back to my parents for a bit after uni, I was working full time in retail I managed to set up my savings account and while I was lucky enough to have hardly any outgoings I managed to put aside some of my wages each week and now I am so proud of how I've turned around my finances. Towards the end of last year I finally bite the bullet and started having driving lessons, I had some back home around Cardiff but am now learning in Cornwall. 
Between working a full-time office job and working on my blog I don't have much time left for anything else, trying to fit in socialising and girl time is a struggle. 

My goals - My main priority is to keep on building up those savings.
I want to keep improving my finances, I've jumped on the Monzo card bandwagon which is hopefully going to help me waste less money by putting all my spending money in one separate account that I can budget and set spending limits on. 
Next is to complete learning to drive first with the driving theory, this is the bit I am struggling with.  Then hopefully, touch wood in no time I'll have my driving test ready and I am so excited to be driving.

 Some other goals that are less of a priority are to keep learning Italian, this is something I’ve done off and on for years. The last time I went out to Italy I practised on a few apps loads beforehand and it was the best it’s been however like everything I slip in and out of practice with it and I need to get back into it. I spend more than enough time on my phone every day so I’m trying to put 5 minutes of my screen time towards my Italian apps. 

I’d also like to learn to enjoy exercise, I’ve always hated any form of exercise and the day I had my last compulsory P.E lesson in year 9 was the best day however I do feel unfit sometimes and I can tell it will keep getting worse. 5 months ago I was working 8 hours shifts in retail, working in the warehouse pacing across a huge store countless times in those 8 hours so while I’ve never exercised I’ve had dips of being more active day today. Now I am sat at my desk for 8 hours then I go home to sit on the sofa or my bed for the rest of the time so this is another thing I need to work on. Hopefully I can find a form of exercise I really enjoy as I get fitter but for now, I am just trying to take more walks, maybe I can give up having big hot lunches in the staff room at work and go on a walk at lunchtime instead. 

The final thing I want to touch on is my friendships, something I’ve always heard people struggle with is making new friendships as an adult any time after uni. 
I really was lucky enough to make the best friends at uni and I met my partner so I felt like I was sorted and somewhat set up. 
However, all of my friends now live at least 5 hours away on the train so I can’t just meet them for a drink after work to vent about the perils of living with your boyfriend for example. 
So this goal is to just continue keeping those mentioned friendships as strong as they were while trying my best to build new friendships at work and through other ways here in Cornwall! 

Top - ASOS 
Jeans - H&M 
Necklace- Topshop 

I hope enjoyed this post, its a weird time for goals not being the new year or a new term but its always a good time to sit down look at what you’ve achieved and what other goals or ‘improvements’ you can work towards. 

Love Charlotte

Friday, 8 March 2019

International Woman's day 2019

Hey Guys,

This is a bit of a last minute post for this year's celebrations, unlike last year which is still one of my favorite posts (Women in music).
Even so, it's one of my favorite days and I always want to say something about the amazing women in my life.

Over the years I surround myself in more and more amazing women. Everyone I look up to whether its career-wise, style-wise, or morally its full of women.
I am so lucky to live in this generation where we can choose who we surround ourselves with, who we follow and I can choose to put women at the forefront of the content I digest. Which is such a cool position to be in.

Creatively it's such a great time for women, I am constantly learning from, being inspired by creative women.
Since finishing my degree last summer I've become even more motivated and passionate about my career.

My close friends on my course always motivated me throughout uni and it's amazing seeing all the amazing work they are all doing now. Even since adjusting to long distance friendships since leaving uni my girlfriends are my rock and are just my favourite people.

Now to mention some of those women I am inspired by and am learning form at the moment. 
Starting with my go-to for all things fashion inspiration my personal queen of blogging, Megan Ellaby, its amazing seeing her grown to evne launching a clothing line this year. For me she is the most creative 'big' influencer, he stlye is so full of colour and personality its still such a  welcome sight in a very trend led influencer industry where everyone can fall for the same kind of minimalistic style with this same street of houses style background. 

Next up is Vix Meldrew one of the main people I've gone back to a lot since the New Year where my career motivation has come back. Someone I've followed for years but only new connected with. With her 'exciting emails' concept, she has created a community alongside her very useful podcast of women trying to improve their blogs, in similar positions so myself. 

Next up a little bit closer to home again someone I've followed for years is Anna, I've followed her blog The Cornish life for a while but more recently have been finding her new podcast series The Freelance Fix and her web design site very useful for tips all things freelance related. 

I've recently really got into podcasts so please share with me your favourites. 

I am planning a few more posts around what I have touched on today about my new found career motivation and the content I have been getting my inspiration from for work. However for now my message is as always to surround yourself by amazing women, collaborate with these women and for the love of god empower each other, sharing the content women create, telling your favourite women you love what they do is so important, so make sure you have thanked your friends today, and see you soon.

Love Charlotte

Sunday, 24 February 2019

Who said velvet and glitter is just for the festive party season? - Style post

Hey Guys,

Two months ago every shop on the high street was full to the brim of glitter, sequins, and velvet. 
Christmas means one thing in fashion PARTY SEASON, maybe its an age or job thing but I never understood that apart from New Year's Eve I don't dress up more than normal and Christmas.

Why should we only get all glam in December? 

Top - Primark 
Trousers - Urban Outfitters 

Whether it's any old night out with your gals, a celebratory meal, your birthday or any reason to celebrate we should keep the sparkly clothes from Christmas.
I have always loved dressing up to the nines, and often feel the most overdressed, but so what?
You clash that sequin dress with a velvet jacket and glitter eye shadow any day of the year.
Falmouth is somewhere people don't really dress too fancy so sometimes you have to find a middle ground like contrasting your fancy look with super casual accessories, like these old air max trainers, or an old leather jacket over the top.
Plus even though this look is 'festive' with glitter and velvet, its a very comfy, relaxed fit which also helps tone it down.
Do you love overdressing or do you tend to keep it casual?

Love Charlotte

Wednesday, 20 February 2019

A whole outfit for under £15 - Style post

Hey guys, 

I spent Saturday just gone in Exeter meeting up with my parents. It's one of my favourite places to go in the South West for an afternoons shopping and explore. Every shop you can want (the likes of Zara, John Lewis and Oliver Bonas) is all in one place, one high street with beautiful architecture linking up to a new end of shops all around the cathedral which is still not as special since a big fire there over two years ago. Some little hidden gems around Exeter I recommend are Lorna Ruby a beautiful scandi inspired boutique and Sobeys a great vintage shop hidden down this cute side street in the pictures. 

I've spoken before about my bargain hunting skills on here and I still don't have any tips or know how I do it but I just love the sales. This outfit is one of my product bargain finds yet. 
Primark is a marmite shop for me up until recently I could only really shop there for basics like plain tops for layering, tights and socks etc but now the sale stuff in primark I love rummaging for. Most of it I still hate the quality but when its reduced again and something I've had my eye before I am obsessed. 
This coat I first saw in Primark about 8 weeks ago loved the look but knew it wasn't worth the £30 RRP quality wise (lets face it £30 on one item is lot for me to spend anywhere let alone Primark), then I did see it reduced to £15 but was still being sensible thinking do I need another coat but when it went down to £7 the next week I could no longer resist. The top is also Primark, the lilac matches the tones in the coat perfectly and was reduced to £3.  

Next up is the black skirt from Marks & Spencer this was reduced to £2.50!!. 
Twice a year as their big sale gets to the right end for one weekend everything goes to 90% off. (this is a bit of a useless tip for me to share now as this weekend won't happen again for at least 6 weeks but still). It is obviously the left overs from the sales that started after Christmas but you can really find some gems. 
Everything becomes cheaper than any primark price but its the same quality levels you'd expect from M&S. It is also the kind of shop you get your timeless pieces that never go out of style so its ideal. The biggest issue is sizing. M&S's average customers are between size 10-14 and shoes are 4,5,6 but if you are buy any other sizes loads will be left. The shoes left in size 3's and 8's were amazing, leopard print heels, red leather boots etc all under £6. 
My overall haul I still cannot get over I spent £22 on this pleather mini skirt, a pink high waisted skirt, two pairs of tailored work trousers (originally £40), two pairs of work shoes, a pair of cuff-links and 3 real wool berets. All high quality, all stuff I will wear and get use out of. For £20 you can't even get a graphic t-shirt at RPP on the high street so this is the best haul ever? 
Even the necklace was in the New Look sale for £1.50 ! 

So that is a grand total of £14!! What is there not to like. I will admit I have left the bag and boots out of the post title her but even these two were in the sale the shoes £17 down from £50 at River Island and the bag, I use nearly every day was good old Tk -Maxx so still well under £50, which I remember was a Youtube video challenge a few years back challenging each other to buy a whole outfit for £50 and they would all either go over budget or only include the two main garments in the video, but trust me it can be done. 

Let me know what is your biggest bargains to date? 

Love Charlotte


Thursday, 7 February 2019

The black jumper that's got me through winter - Style post

Hey Guys,

It wasn't until a few months ago I got this black jumper and oh was this something my wardrobe was missing. 

Jumper - Vera Moda on ASOS (similar here) 
Skirt - Topshop (similar here)
Boots - River Island

As much as I prefer Autumn winter fashion when it gets super cold it is easy to just get into a uniform and live in jeans and various other chunky jumpers. I have been on an endless hunt for the perfect jumper that is super warm and goes with more than just jeans. A jumper to go with fancy skirts, mini skirts and pulled over dresses, well this is it.
It's super warm but I can let the rest of the outfit do the taking. I love the over sized jumper with just a hint of a print coming through under neath. 

This coat is the classic camel style that I've always shied away from, my mum always told me these kind of tan colours only washed me out and I've since avoided them. However they aren't a fashion staple for no reason. All of my coats ever have been black which is perfect. However this is exactly what I need to break up boring all black, safe outfits sometimes.
Weirdly for someone who wears a lot of colour and bright looks that this was stepping out of my comfort zone as I never felt this style suited me. Sticking with black coats meant they were the practical boring thing I put on top of a cool outfit purely to keep warm but now I am into the coat being an equal part to the outfit and not just a warm piece that covers it all up to be practical.

What's one classic piece or style you've always shied away from?

Love Charlotte

Thursday, 31 January 2019

Where to stay in Falmouth

Hey Guys,

Last weekend Mike and I spent the night in Falmouth, we want to find somewhere to stay central to town as we were going out, somewhere within our budget but still 'us' and so we found Cutty Sark. 

Cutty Sark is a restaurant, bar and hotel right on the main street in Falmouth. It's the perfect balance of old style traditional pubs and current boutique hotel style rooms. 
We had some mix ups with card details before arriving so were only on some of their details when it came to checking in but they were super friendly and got it all sorted in no time. 
Then we were taken to our little room, decorated simple but perfect colours and little touches. 

The best thing about this hotel in Falmouth has to be the location on your doorstep is this view and all the restaurants, shops and bars you could want. 

The restaurant at Cutty Sark looked amazing and the bar had amazing music planning, I'd definitely try their evening food menu if we hadn't already planned to pop to zizzi;s Italian (mainly because I had a gift card to use) my highlight being this amazing gin cocktail, the first of many that night. Our night carried on with a few cocktails at different bars and then to a club as we found our way back to the hotel room.

Now the next morning is always one of my favourite parts of staying in a hotel, is the breakfast (especially when its included in the price of your room). The more options on the BnB breakfast menu the better the hotel in my opinion and Cutty Sark didn't disappoint from full Englishes, veggie fry ups to eggs royle or my favourite the smoked salmon and scrambled eggs on toast, yep I weirdly still wanted smoked salmon even with a hangover, Mike went for the full Cornish fry up, a much more fitting hangover cure. All in all it was one of the best breakfasts out we've both enjoyed.

The Cutty Sark is on the top on my list of places to stay in Falmouth now even if you live as near to Falmouth as we do.

Love Charlotte