Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Still obsessed with the 70s - Style post

Hey Guys,

How is it three weeks today till Christmas? This year I am feeling a bit Grinch like which is unusual for me. 

I had this skirt last for Christmas last year and it's still right on trend. 

Top : Primark
Skirt : Warehouse 

As you know I am obsessed with all things seventies and have been for the last few seasons, and it just keeps getting bigger on the high street.
Over the last year I have styled this skirt for so many different occasions but it always comes back to my classic black boots, tights and a back top or jumper now as it is getting colder. It's one of those no fuss comfy outfits that still make a statement.
I adore the garish seventies orange on this silky fabric with a handkerchief hem.
I received this skirt from mum last year but its still on ASOS, how perfect.
I kinda want this same skirt in many different prints, lets fine a classic leopard print, a zebra print and more ladies.

Here are a few of my favourites

Love Charlotte

Monday, 19 November 2018

The purple one - Style Post

Hey Guys,

Hope you are all well and enjoying the start of Winter as much as me.

I want to talk about my never ending love for both the colour purple and the man associated with purple, Prince. 

My love for purple is all my mums fault, it is more than just her favourite colour she is obsessed, takes it too far if I do say so myself. I remember in primary school everyone would comment on the ridiculous interiors having various shades of purple clashing literally walls, carpets and everything was purple. 
As I grew up with a crazy purple lady I never thought of myself being weirdly into purple until friends at uni always commented on everything I buy being purple or never having an outfit without something purple involved. However it is true, mum influenced me with this I do get automatically drawn to anything in purple shades when clothes shopping. Like this blazer!

Blazer - Primark 
Prince Top - Vintage from ASOS marketplace 
Jeans - H & M 
Boots - River Island  (now only £17)

Now Prince has always been associated with purple, when you think of the artist you automatically think of purple whether its the Purple rain artwork, the film or one of his many purple suits and amazing jackets. 
For as long as I can remember I have adored Prince, I remember the first time my dad played my the Purple rain album then a few years later he sat me down to watch the film, I was just in awe of his stage presence. As my friends started hosting house parties the playlists always included When doves cry and now as I have got older I've fallen even more in love with him as an icon.
There aren't many male artist that can write about women and sex in such a raw, romantic and honest way like Prince could.  On the album Sign of the times which is one of my favourite albums in both 'If I was your girlfriend' and 'Adore' he sings about sex in more than just an equal way, he sings about the female orgasm being a beautiful experience for both of them to experience.
Who could forget 'Darling Nikki' from the Purple Rain album a track about masturbation the lyrics in this and the possibility it was about female masturbation led to the creation of the Parents' music resource centre and labelling on certain records and CDs with 'Parental advisory explicit lyrics'. He constantly pushed the boundaries with his lyrics and the messages he sent out with the music but this is just one of the many reasons he stands out as a key music legend.
Look at his self titled album released in 1979 at the age of 19 Prince self wrote, produced and played everything the drums, synth, guitar and percussion, impressive right?

Most musical legends have a 'THING' that they are primarily credited for, whether its being a songwriter (Bob Dylan), a guitarist (Hendrix) or for the characters and star quality they ooze but for me Prince is everything.

If you are new to Prince, he has released 49 records so I could recomend a lot for different moods and through the different genres he experimented with but personally my top three to listen to, to understand the basics of Prince as an artist too are Purple rain, Sign of the times and Prince.

I hope enjoyed this weird post half outfit post, half me waffling on about how amazing Prince is. I am sure there will be a part two to this Prince post when I get a second way less casual purple blazer, one that shines just as much as the iconic Purple Rain jacket, every time I step in any vintage shop I hope to spot my ultimate Prince inspired blazer.

Love Charlotte

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

The happiest place - Style post

Hey Guys,

So Summer is well and truly over. This years summer was a weird one uni finished in May and that was it,  I'm an adult now so no more 'summer holidays' when you and all your friends are off school / college / uni together for the same time. 

This summer as a nation was a great time between the world cup, watch love island every night and we had a heat wave so strong I'd get sunburnt just going to the supermarket. This was all before the official 'summer holidays' began. 

It wasn't until I moved back home, started catching up with old friends who asked 'oh what did you get up to this summer' that |I realised I had nothing to tell no festival, no family holiday, no exciting weekend away with friends. This was the first year I missed out on the family caravan holiday to work which the holiday itself isn't the most exciting trip in the world yet that hit me that this is adult life now and I'm just gonna get 4 weeks holiday leave a year no endless weeks to do nothing at summer. 

Dress - Mango
Jacket - Primark

However in some ways it's been the best summer ever. The months still feeling like a student living between the beach in the heatwave and the clubs in Falmouth with some of the best friends I was lucky enough to make at uni, falling even more in love with Cornwall and a certain boy.  
I still kind of got what felt like a holiday when I recently took a trip back to Cornwall to visit my boyfriend. 
St. Ives is one of my favourite places and it was just the happiest week with the best person. 

Summer is well and truly over but now it's my favourite time of year, autumn is getting colder but its still pretty mild. The leaves are changing, its getting darker and I can live in jumpers again but this week in Cornwall was the best kind of transitional dressing, not full on winter coats and jumpers but early Autumn dressing, tights are back, ankle boots and updating the typically spring floral dress for darker colours and a more seventies print like this one from Mango. My new ankle boots for this season are perfect, because they are comfy every day black boots but are suede western style. Basically my dream combo the 70's inspired print (I talked in my last post about my current love for all things 70's) teamed with western style boots!

Are you just as excited as me for Autumn?

Love Charlotte

Friday, 5 October 2018

Young Donna - Style Post

Hey Guys,

Can you believe after living in Cornwall for three years it's only now I visited the Eden Project? And boy have I been missing out!
Last week I took the best visit back down to Cornwall to stay with my boyfriend and on the Saturday we took the trip to Proud Eden, which was a really cool after hours event. We got there at around 6, which is when it normally closes to had the rainforest gardens pretty much to ourselves. Then we just chilled, got pizza, cider and enjoyed some of the live music, comedy and poetry going on around the site. 

This new season I have been only interested in the huge seventies trend just lusting over all the autumnal 70's colours and pieces across the high street right now. 

I fell for this denim jumpsuit around a month ago in store in New Look and regretted not buying it so I ordered it online in time for my trip. 
What I have mainly been excited for, is the super Mamma Mia vibes. As most people know I was a little bit obsessed with that film this summer, I saw it a ridiculous three times in cinema and still want to see it again. 

Top : Primark
Jumpsuit : New Look*
Boots : River Island / Sale
Jacket : Primark

Along with it being the most enjoyable fun watch ever? We just need to talk about the outfits, mainly those in all of the flashback scenes with young Donna (Lily James) which were set in the 70s. The mix of the garish seventies abba- esque stage costumes with all the outfits Donna wears when she first arrives in Greece all resulted in my new aim with every piece I buy being something Young Donna could have worn. In my head at least, this jumpsuit perfectly fits this brief, I just styled it a little bit more 'me' with the black western boots and a leather jacket.

 What a perfect back drop for any outfit picture is the Eden Project.

Love Charlotte

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

September reflections and post graduate fears !

Hey Guys,

So as always it's been awhile since I’ve posted on here but it’s been a weird, emotional time. I moved back home to my parents, leaving Falmouth and my boyfriend to jump straight into intense 35 hour weeks in retail. It's been an emotional time still adjusting to the best three years of my life coming to an end, moving back with my parents and being away from so many of my favourite people. All this has resulted in such a creative slump. I know I need to be starting my next step, applying for graduate jobs and writing but I've hit such a block. 

So as for many people I treat September the same as New Years as a time not for resolutions specifically but for a new start and fresh motivation. 

I remember an assembly in Primary school so vividly I think I was starting year 3 and the message of the assembly was how we should use the new school year to reflect on our past behaviour, I remember the teacher leading the assembly talking about how we should all turn over a new leaf with one aspect of ourselves and this notion has always stayed with me in September.

However this year has been different, without making this post just about post - graduate struggles, it hit me that its the first September I don't have the exciting 'back to school time' which is mainly just a mind set for me. A time to start new notebooks, start the year really organised and on top of my work, research and whatever projects I may have. I usually find the whole thing really motivating but this year something is missing.

Dress - Next (summer sale)

Boots - Primark

We may be half way through September now but I'm only now feeling the new term motivation. I've been looking back on the last year of uni and thinking about how we were 'prepared' for life after uni, its the first time there is no natural next step we are shipped off into which is hard. University in a sense finished all the way back in May, with graduation in July and its taken until now for me to feel motivated to look into my next steps, work out my goals and really feel excited about writing again.

 What's been working for me is taking a step back, doing some self analysis essentially looking back on my time at uni and what my goals always were. Deciding what I really want to gain experience in and where I want to be.

 I'm learning that it's okay to feel this lost about my post graduate life and I know we are all feeling the same. If you've got through this weird slump please share your motivating stories with me.

Love Charlotte

Thursday, 26 July 2018

Take a walk on the wild side / Post grad thoughts

Hey Guys,

So I am officially a graduate. Last week I graduated from Falmouth university with a BA (Hons) in Fashion marketing and boy am I lost. 

I am so happy right now, so genuinely happy. Over the last few months since we finished our university work I've had the best nights out, spent this heatwave on Cornish beaches and guess what I've fallen in love?
I am living in the best part of the country, surrounded by amazing friends and a great guy.
Graduation was one of the proudest days and such a great celebratory end to the best three years of my life.

Thoughts on these boots? I have always had a weird love for western boots but always been sure as to how to style them but I saw these in a vintage shop near my house and just took the risk, had no clue how to style them, I think them being white leather is but of the issue but sometimes we need to take a risk with our wardrobes. 

Top - Topshop 
Skirt - Topshop 
Boots - Vintage shop in Penryn

But what next? - I have already got stuck, its s if I'm on a normal kids summer holiday from school, being lazy, out at the beach with my friends and not thinking about anything to do with work or my 'career'.  I don't think I'll ever be able to get myself into a professional freelance working routine, up at dressed by 8, work out, have breakfast then work at my desk all day. 
In under four weeks my tenancy for this student house I've loved for nearly a year runs up and I'll have no choice but to go back to Caerphilly with my parents, but back to what? Hardly any of my home friends will be around, struggling to find an industry job I am passionate about while attempting a long distance relationship. 

If I could afford to rent a tiny one bed apartment here near Falmouth and keep my 12 hour contract retail job while doing work experience in Cornwall, oh I would. 
I am excited and ready to try new roles and keep developing my industry skills. Lifestyle marketing for a hotel, a digital campaign assistant for a clothing brand or to continue writing but I don't know where to start. I know its natural to feel lost career wise just after graduation but I don't really know where I am meant to be living or where I want to live.  
Even travelling sounds good, I have started to adjust to the change, uni ending and am excited for all of my friends to find their own thing. 
I love Falmouth, I am so happy right now I love this place and the people but maybe I need to be brave, decide what I want to do and find the next adventure. 

Do we ever know what we are supposed to do after university?

Love Charlotte
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