Monday, 15 July 2019

Finding your perfect post graduate job - Lifestyle

Hey guys,

It's that time of year where every uni has its graduation ceremonies again, mine was this time last year and I thought I'd share my thoughts on the first year after uni and tips on getting a job (however these tips will but relevant to anyone looking for work, not just those who attended university).

I studied Fashion Marketing at Falmouth University in Cornwall so am mainly talking from my own experiences going into marketing and living in an area the total opposite to London. 


Depending on your goals or dreams my first tip won't apply to everyone, only you know what the best option is for you but I recommend not worrying about it all from the moment you hand your final piece of work in at Uni. I was fortunate to have had my uni house through the whole summer, we had a heatwave and I enjoyed the last summer of uni properly. Once you start your career you will never get time off like that again, the 6 weeks off you get all through school and up to three months of during college and university will be a distant memory so between whatever you need to do to make ends meet ENJOY YOUR SUMMER. 


So you are feeling refreshed after your well-deserved summer, it's time to look at the kind of steps you want to take next. Get a notebook and considering everything, do you want to stay in education - a research masters, a PGCE etc, look up the requirements, the hows and where's. Then think about jobs and don't limit yourself. Dream big, write down the companies you dream of working for, look at your dream location find companies where you may not have heard of yet but are worth looking into. If you are feeling lost with what to do (rather than who and where to work), which is totally understandable. I know university courses can kill a bit of your passion and make you unsure if that's what you want to do now. List your skills. passions and what you enjoy doing as well as your experience. this is the perfect time to take risks or jumps with your careers. YOU WON'T LOSE ANYTHING BY APPLYING FOR A JOB so it doesn't matter if how unsure you are about what you want to do. Just make sure you understand enough about the sector and what is required for those roles.


This tip goes without saying it is essential to always take a fresh look at your CV after any new job or qualification. However depending on what sector or industry you are going into its important to approach your CV differently. In any creative sector, it is a good idea to make your CV visual, this is partly so you can demonstrate a relevant skill, such as Photoshop or InDesign. This can be beneficial in general though. Most jobs the competition will be so high the person reading from a pile of CV's has around 8 seconds to be impressed so you want to do everything you can to make sure your CV stands out and is memorable. Therefore try to keep in all on one page, add some colour or personality (be careful, only if it's relevant to the industry, this would work well for a graphic design role but maybe not so much for a role in law). If you want to apply for a variety of different job roles, you must have multiple CV's. Have one just for retail jobs and write mostly about previous related job roles, coming from a degree like mine that was both creative and business sided create one creative cv, more visual with the copy directed at job roles in design then another more professional CV examined more at business roles then tailor the experience you have and the skills you gained from those experiences to each separate job role this makes it a lot easier when actually applying and it is best to be as specific as possible, each possible employer only wants to read about what you can offer them and not the general job market. 
What I found really useful once you are happy with your CV's is to proofread, get a friend, a parent to proofread and you can take a further step but getting a professional to look at them. When I started this process I worked with Graduate goals* who are affordable professional career guidance. Prices are from £20 and they offer CV proofreading, one to one guidance and more. It was a helpful process getting a professionals guidance especially with the copy on my CV and cover letters. 


Following on from my point about standing out from the crowd, not to scare you but think about how many graduates there will be from every university in the country offer a course similar to yours. Every CV will have the same A levels, the same degree, maybe a retail job or an internship in a local magazine and a Duke of Edinburgh's award, right? So you have one thing to make you stand out and that is YOU. Your passion, your creativity, your ideas, those extra things you have thought yourself (maybe your blog, a shop on Etsy etc) don't wait until a possible interview to show them this. 


Linkedin can be ignored a lot as a social media platform but I for one love it. It is great to learn from people doing roles you want to do, talk to those people. More often than not people will be happy to help or answer your questions but obviously, don't use it to just add anyone and message people for a job but keep up to date with industry news or talk to like-minded people it can be so useful. You can find my LinkedIn here if you need somewhere to start. 


There are so many websites now with job listings the main one being probably but one I just discovered when applying for jobs after uni is It is the easiest to navigate and most helpful. You can search a lot more specifically on area and job role which is obviously great, it seems to make things a lot clearer on the job description and application process involved. The only jobs I heard anything back from were jobs I'D found through Totaljobs, which I knew is probably just a coincidence but at least you know applying through a third party the company will actually still receive the application. 


This may not work for everyone and it wasn't something I consciously did. Before this process, I didn't really know much about recruitment agencies or how they could help me but a lot of the jobs I found on were actually posted by recruitment agencies so I ended applying for jobs via them. However it was so helpful, I had a number of phone call meeting with these agencies who would talk me through the job descriptions in further detail then give a few pointers on some keywords to add to my CV for example before they would then send it off to the possible employer. When I got offered interviews it was a godsend my contact at the recruitment agencies talked me through the best way to find the venue of the interview and informed me about the company, how smart would be the approprite dress for the company etc which helped my confidence for interviews too. So from my personal expiernce, I highly recommend it. 

So to close I hope you found some of this useful please let me know your tips in the comments too. Best of luck with your job hunts. 

Love Charlotte

Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Where is the sun? - Style post

Hey Guys,

Apparently, it's the middle of June, who'd have known?
This time last year we were knee deep in the longest heatwave.

Top - Primark 
Belt - Nasty Gal 
Jeans - Marks and Spencer 
Boots - Vintage 
Bag - Primark 
Jacket - Primark

As much as I'd rather be having summer weather right now, it did get way too hot for me last year and the other sad thing was going to gardens where the grass was completely dried out and it was just brown everywhere instead of colourful flowers, so there are some ups to this slightly rainier summer.

Another plus side for me is a little extra time for dressing comfortably, you all know how much I hate dressing in a heatwave. So I'm enjoying being able to still wear outfits like this, my trusty skinny jeans and leather jacket but always with a crop top. I am also living for livening up basic jeans and a crop top with a waist belt like this one and my favourite boots.

All this said doesn't mean I'm not hoping it warms up enough for at least some beach days and swims in the sea this year.

Love Charlotte

Thursday, 6 June 2019

6 Years of A Fashion Oddity

Hey Guys,

Can you believe it's been six whole years since I set up this blog?

Six years ago, I was lost bored while studying for my GCSE's and I became obsessed with blogging. I got the name from David Bowie's song, Space Oddity. It was my own little space. I was spending all my time revising for subjects I didn't care about so this was my fun escape from revision. Six years I've been doing this yet not much has changed around here. 

I've witnessed so much in the blogging industry from the infamous 'Bekah' on twitter scamming bloggers with the blogger holidays to back when the likes of Victoria at 'Inthefrow' and Emily Canham had a mere few thousand followers. The days before no one really knew what the term 'influencer' meant. I have seen a lot of people who were at the same level as me in 2018 blow up and become celebrities even which is so cool.

Top - New Look 
Dress - Topshop 

In 2013 blogging was just one big community of people obsessing over certain products sharing each other's posts. Constantly engaging with each other, every night of the week Twitter was full of chats and you had a community of online friends. All you needed to get people engaging with your content was a camera, no editing. It was the days of the flat lays though, remember throwing random slightly related products in the back of a product you were reviewing to make it an on-trend flatly? that just wouldn't work now. In 2013 you didn't need to know about SEO, photoshop or web design to run a successful blog but this would have helped to turn your successful blog into something more and still be successful in 2019.  

These people kept improving around me while I kept my blog as a side hobby if and when I had the time and inspiration which is okay. I focused on uni, juggling two part-time jobs and making the most of being a student and fell behind on all the blogging skills, feel out of the community. Regards of the what if's or what mistakes I've made her and things I've missed out on I love A Fashion Oddity. 

Although this blog hasn’t been hugely successful or life-changing in its own right. I really don’t think I would have been as interested in marketing and fashion if I hadn’t immersed myself into a world of digital marketing back then. I directed me to be more interested in particular university courses and has been a huge talking point in both job and university interviews I’ve had since. My blog may not be my career but if I hadn’t started blogging I don’t think I’d have the passion and knowledge to get me into Marketing so it’s influenced and guided my career. 

Going forward I am trying to put more and more effort back into my blog starting with a new web design. Over the next few weeks, I am hoping to finally move from Blogger to Wordpress, get a rebrand with a new logo and colour palette finally with a new website and overall vision. 

So there is lots to look forward to here and hopefully the next time we speak on here things will look a little bit different. 

Love Charlotte

Thursday, 30 May 2019

Where to stay in Falmouth - Chain Locker

Hey Guys,

You may remember back in January I reviewed a hotel in Falmouth (Where to stay in Falmouth - Cutty Sark) and here is the second.
If you've ever been to Falmouth I'm sure you'll know of the Chain Locker. It's possibly the oldest pub in Falmouth that was recently taken over by St.Austell Brewery and redesigned with a lovely restaurant and rooms upstairs.

I highly recommend the chain locker for any trip in Falmouth it located centrally in town just looking over the harbour along the main street of shops and restaurants so you can't ask for a more ideal location. Whether is for a pint on the harbour, a fresh seafood meal in the restaurant or a night in the hotel.

falmouth, hotel, cornwall

The room we got was small but perfect decorated to the ever-popular blue and wood interior trend that seems to be taking over everywhere in Falmouth at the moment which I love. The room was also filled with subtle touches to the sea without being completely nautical. I mentioned it being a small room but they utilised the same so well still fitting in a wardrobe, bedside tables either side of the bed with a TV on the wall opposite as well as making room for a desk with all the amenities you'd expect to find. 


This is the view pretty much from the front door of the chain locker and lots of the rooms have views looking over the harbour. 

I was really excited about the breakfast as The Chain locker is known for the amazing quality food and I'd have dinner there before which was amazing. Now admittedly I was a bit hungover which can affect these things. However, I was a little bit disappointed by the breakfast. I will usually make up my mind on the quality of a restaurants breakfast purely based on the selection of the menu. Nothing used to ruin the excitement of a hotels breakfast on holiday as a kid if all the offered was a fry up. I want to have a selection to choose from such as my ultimate favourite smoked salmon and eggs on toast, or eggs benedict etc but the veggie fry up had to suffice which was lovely and cooked to be fair.  

So another great night away in Falmouth I highly recommend a trip to The Chain Locker next time you are in the area.

Love Charlotte

Monday, 20 May 2019

Childhood dreaming - Style post

Hey guys,

Hope you're all well?

Sometimes you spot something completely different to your style but you can't stop thinking about? Well, this was it for me. It was on my ASOS wishlist since before Christmas.  I ordered around February but only now decided to wear it I love it but felt ridiculous in it. 

Mesh body - New Look
Belt - Primark 

I'm not normally one for character prints, Primark is hell for it every floor is full of Harry Potter graphic tops followed by every Disney character you can imagine then it goes on to Game of Thrones to the point where there isn't a dress in sight. To me, these graphics character tops should be PJ tops or for the gym and that's about it.  But for some reason this I liked.

I don't even remember watching Looney Tunes much as a kid but there is some level of nostalgia there as I remember both my dad and uncle getting super excited any time Loony Tunes or a character from it was mentioned followed by impressions. Somehow my Christmas stocking is also covered in Tweety Pie.

I just love the idea of using old childhood fabrics like a kids top from a trip to Disneyland in 1999 or the super 90s character duvet prints, sustainably using cool fabric and turning them into something completely new in a creative way that can be styled in endless ways more than just a t-shirt with Tweet Pie on with jeans. Reclaimed Vintage isn't the only guys doing this, I just discovered Sillygirlclub who do exactly what I just mentioned. She uses second-hand character fabric, usually from duvet covers and transforms them into amazing playsuits or dresses and I am obsessed.

While on the subject of 90s childhood characters, I went to see Detective Pikachu recently with low expectations and not much knowledge of Pokemon and wow was I pleasantly surprised. I mean I laughed all the way through and nearly even cried at the ending, one of the best 'kids' films I've seen in a long time, 10/10 would recommend.

What's your favourite iconic kid's character you'd love to wear in a dress, jumpsuit or t-shirt?

Love Charlotte

Wednesday, 15 May 2019

College or Sixth form? What to do after your GCSEs!

Hey Guys,

Now it's nearing to exam season once again. I thought this would be a good chance to share with you how I choose to leave my school and go to college for my A levels hopefully giving you all some advice along the way.

Now originally I planned to stay at my school for my A levels I wanted to stay with my friends, my boyfriend, I got on so well with particular teachers and I was really happy towards the end of year 11 but they just introduced a new uniform, the head of sixth is horrible and the subjects I wanted to take all clashed in the columns so I began looking at my other options.

I originally wanted to study Art, English literature and geography.

I actually went to a school out of my catchment area (which is a different story) so my mum looked into the local high school with all my friends from primary but I didn't want to go there! Then I looked into my local college, I went to an open evening and applied to study a full-time art diploma. I was lucky enough to get accepted but I decided to decline because I didn't want art to be my only option!  So I then enquired about A levels and attended the sixth form centre open day. Here we got to meet loads of really nice teachers, explore the amazing building....this may have been one of the main attractions with 4 lifts, 3 libraries, a gym and a salon all right next to a cinema, McDonald's,  Nandos and Frankie and Bennys! And I was informed about all the unique things the college has to offer.

I was hooked...desperate to study at this college.  I was still gonna find it hard leaving my best friends and my boyfriend but I knew I'd be able to do the A levels I want, closer to home, have a fresh start and it really excited me.

Now when it came to enrolment I did come across a few obstacles however the staff were so helpful. I was advised to take R.S instead of geography because I got a C in geography GCSE but an A in RS and I agreed this would be more beneficial and I loved RS. Also, my biggest disappointment is that my college sadly only offers an English A level rather than two separate Lit or Lang A levels. I only enjoyed English so much in school because of my love for book I loathed any kind of creative writing so I decided to take sociology instead. This does still frustrates me but I am enjoying sociology so much and I am not regretting my change from geography to RS either!

So that's my story of how I choose college over the sixth form.

Here are some of the reasons I am glad I choose a college:

·         The only students are my age or older so there are no year sevens running around of year nines causing fights.
·          We are treated so much more grown up, for example, most teachers are referred to by first name and phones are allowed more freely.
·         The amount of free time is insane... with no daily registration or assembly in your tutor group you only come in for lessons, this is brilliant! In my old school the head of sixth makes pupils stay in the full school day so obviously, it depends on the school though. 
·         You are classed as a student rather than a pupil so your college ID is a student discount which you don't get in the sixth form! Yes, girls you heard me 10% off Topshop and new look to name a few.
·         You receive a lot more opportunities. For example enterprise competitions. Some of you may know I recently took part in Trading places in Cardiff and was on the winning team with other college students from over South Wales. 
·          The support you receive is so much better than in school. With most teachers only having 4 or 5 classes they have a lot more time for each student, you have a college E-mail account so it’s really easy to contact staff (as far as I am aware you don't get this in school).

·         It gives you a better step between school and university.

I am aware some of those points may be selective to my college or my experiences but I am thoroughly glad I chose a college.

I hope this has been useful if you have any questions I'll answer in the comments. I fully believe everyone should at least consider college, it won't be the right place for everyone but on my experience, I really recommend studying at a college instead!

Love Charlotte