Friday, 17 February 2017

Current favourites - Lifestyle

Hey Guys,

 I don't tend to do 'monthly favourites' posts I just wait a few months when there's enough new products I like, I don't really try as much new make up anymore or even consume enough art so these definitely happen less regularly.

Film - I've been watching so many films this month all for the first time (from Trainspotting to Casablanca) so I may do a big film post round up but the main one to talk about is La La land as I saw it twice in the cinema (which I've never done before) and am desperate to see it for a third time. I did talk about my love for it in more detail here

 Books - I am a pretty slow reader as it takes me a while to get into a book plus now with uni picking up I am reading books for research but I am hoping to fit in the time to finish 'The bell jar' soon. I was trying to be adventurous with the books I read (less YA romances and more classic literature) and was recommended the Bell Jar. So far I am loving it, I am finding her thoughts, analysis on culture in the 50s so interesting but still cant work out how much I like the protagonist character.

Beauty - Two new products I've discovered and loved recently are the Lo'real liquid highlighter which is a very cream blend which just gives the best highlight look I've found so far and I'm obsessed. Next is a piece of Skincare from Skintifique which are based in Paris. I've been using the cleanser P* micellar water to remove make up and help cleanse my skin in the evenings, because Skintifique is such a natural brand this product contains only 5 natural ingredients which means it works for all skin types. It has now replaced the Garnier micellar water I used to use.

Music - I've discovered quite a few new bands this month but the highlights has to be Prince in general, a week or so ago his music was finally released onto digital streaming, don't worry we own most of his music on CD back home but at uni I just use Apple music / spotify to listen to music. I have also watched the film Purple rain twice this last month which is a month so I've just been falling in love with Prince's music again this month. 

Fashion - My favourite combination this month have been my Zara shoes (more about them here) teamed with fishnets and my purple velvet trousers, fishnets have been everywhere this recently I am still loving it, fishnet socks with these shoes or tights under ripped jeans and dresses. 

Finally Lifestyle - This week we had Galentines day so me and three of my fave gals went to Rick Steins fish in Falmouth for food after uni, I received the cutest card from one of my gals and I just love Galentines, celebrating how lucky I am to have the best friends in my life and how happy we are being single together. 
Like the first month of every semester at uni its been full of some amazing nights out we just had temple of boom, 90s party and a 2016 dead celebs party (a night filled with Prince, Bowie and George Micheal, very emotional) which has just been awesome. 

Love Charlotte

* Product was sent to me for review consideration but as always all opinions are honest and my own. 

Monday, 6 February 2017

Fast fashion thoughts / Part 1

Hey Guys,

Today's post is going to be something a little bit different.

I just finished watching the two part Channel four series Undercover: Britain's Cheap clothes and I just wanted to share my thoughts after watching this.
The show is two half an hour reports on the clothes made in Britain at the moment. When I think of clothes made in Britain the kinds of companies that come to mind are 'ethical' 'slightly more expensive' and ' mid market' brands such as Seasalt, People Tree, Fat Face etc these are brands I've known for years, often go in their high street stores but never purchase (my reasons why would be going off on a separate topic).
As much as I know its wrong I have come to accept over the years that the high street shops I am loyal to are probably unethical and that my clothes are made unethically in Asia (again another topic I could go into more detail about). So my first shock was to actually find out that a lot of these high street brands are now producing the clothes in the UK. For some reason just hearing 'made in the UK' I / we assume that this is a great thing and its made ethically, helping our economy etc. But it became clear this is not the case. The brands looked at in this show are River Island, New Look, Boohoo, Missguided and ASOS all five of which I do own clothes from. With River Island and New look it was two particular garments being produced at random factories in Leicester so with this situation happening it is clear to an extent that this is all done so distantly from the brand and they do not investigate into the individual factories before working with them. These factories were full of fire hazards, less than half of the minimum wage and these kind of points we have come to expect from factories in countries like Bangladesh but not here. One factory manager used this point saying they have these standards because the clothing companies won't pay them any more otherwise they would go to factories else where abroad.

Now with the online retailers like boohoo and Missguided the warehouses for distribution and delivery we saw inside and these conditions once again disgusted me but I didn't blame the team managers we see in the film it just got me thinking about our buying habits. Some can argue my shopping habits are very unethical which in the most part is true but its the demand we put on these companies I don't understand. When ordering some thing online (I personally still do most of my shopping in store) I expect to have a 3-5 day wait for delivery naturally but I am aware that a lot of us expect and love next day deliveries and its even become possible for brands to deliver on the same day which just baffles me, this kind of shopping clearly is where the pressure in warehouses for 12 hour shifts and extra staff being brought in because of high demand and then fired because orders went a bit quiet.
The situation that I saw people working in just to get our cheap clothes that we only wear once on a night out in this country, really upset me, to the point I found myself getting pretty emotional at the end of the second episode. Why do we in this social media fashion industry expect a clothes delivery that same evening, or view it as normal to pay £10 for a dress to wear once. But I too am lost as to where else we could shop on student budgets for latest rends for this demographic.
The show also ends with no answers and just questions will deciding to not order one thing in my boohoo basket make a difference possibly not? these issue lie with the mass demand but also with the government it has become increasingly harder for an individual to take action against their employers due to government changes. I also felt at the time that even though a change from minimum wage to the national living wage was great for the individual employer it is not ideally achievable for the business owner and that cuts would be needed in other areas to be able to give all members of staff this new living wage, this was noted as a large problem for small businesses such as independent hair dressers and cafes but could it be also having a effect on these much larger companies too.
We all seem to be so aware of these issues with current high street fashion but no one knows how these necessary changes could happen.

You can watch the show here ( Episode one, two) and I also recommend watching the film True cost, if you haven't already.

I hope to write more posts like this talking about issues ( I did it once before about the EU referendum which was received pretty well) but also this is a topic I am becoming increasingly more interested in (both ethical fashion and our shopping habits) please keep the conversation going in the comments and if you have any more shows, relevant articles of ethical companies I should look at please share.

Love Charlotte

Saturday, 28 January 2017

City of stars - Style Post

Hey Guys,

The real star of this blog post !! too cute 

Dress - Zara 
Coat - New Look
Boots - Primark 

Lets just talk about La la land for a moment, I have never seen a film in the cinema more than once before this movie and I am just captivated by it every time I watch it. Its just such a beautiful film, I ma constantly listening to the sound track and wishing we could all dance like that and met a guy like Seb. If you haven't seen it yet why?
That's outfit isn't inspired by La la land at all I know but the detailed star print on this amazing dress from Zara which I got a few years ago in the sale but never really wore until recently, I never used to feel comfortable in this lose fit/ shift dress style. I love this winter outfit teamed with all black accessories and my standard metallic boots which I pretty much live in this season.

Hope you enjoyed this outfit post.

  Love Charlotte

Thursday, 19 January 2017

What I got for Christmas 2016 - Lifestyle

Hey Guys,

It's no surprise that I am getting this post up way too late as per but I want to share with you a few of my favourite presents I received for Christmas this year.

Firstly is beauty and a few of those standard stocking fillers I get most years like classic slipper socks, carmex (an essential product for me) and a cute set of three mini notebooks. Beauty wise mum helped this poor student out a replaced my foundation (True match by L'Oreal) with a liquid highlighter and the Nude palette in Rose. I also had a Plum lipstick gift set from Limited Marks & Spencer and a standard soap & glory gift set which includes in my fave body products.

What would Christmas be without a few 'coffee table' books probably from Urban outfitters eh? I asked for the 36 hours in Europe because I just love reading about all the cities I will never actually go to (well not in the next few years anyway) like Copenhagen, the secret history of Twin Peaks by Mark Frost himself and my dad knows I have recently become obsessed with Twin Peaks and all things Lynch so of course I need to book. 
Fashion book wise oh these are some gooduns - Men of style looks at all the famous men who have influenced fashion with their impeccable style from Bowie to Frank Sinatra - Self Styled which gives the profile of so many people with 'wild style' think Iris Apfel and co - Style Tribes the fashion of subcultures is probably my favourite although kinda out of shot in this photo which goes through the history of subcultures and every subculture from the starters like teddy boys to the more recent and loved by myself emo subculture.

Clothesssss (are really hard to show well in haul posts) these are just a few that shot the best in a flatlay I also had a few jumpers and a new pair of jeans along with the shown Gap joggers, this very cute metallic 90s crop top and my new loves these purple velvet wide leg trousers. From my grandparents I had my first pair of fashion trainers (haven't owned sportswear since year 9 PE probably) if you know me well you'll probably know that I don't understand the whole trainers as a fashion piece thing but I decided I wanted these ones from Vans when looking for a practical black everyday shoe or boots with my nan, because they are high tops they can still work like boots or trainers for me which is great. Now these little black pumps from Zara I picked up after Christmas myself actually for the bargain price of £12.99 from £50 and I am still not over them really, I find ballet pump shoes really annoying because I cant wear any shoes with that little support that just slip off at the heal but with these beauties that is no longer an issue, being black leather (yes, real leather) plus since buying these I have seen loads of similar designer ones on blogs and my Instagram feed mainly the Miu Miu lace up buckle ballet pumps.

Hope you enjoyed this post even just as a haul as its pretty late for an 'What I got for Christmas' and are all having an amazing start to 2017!

Love Charlotte

Friday, 30 December 2016

A Fashion Oddity in 2016

Hey Guys,

This has become an annual thing for me to look back on my blogging game over the last year and collate a post of my favourite posts from the year and this I also want to share so people who have inspired me blogging wise. You can catch up on the first of my 2016 favourites here.

My favourite bloggers over this year, whilst there are so many woman who blog that I love (through following on Twitter and Insta) I actually read blog websites less and less which is really bad but here are just a few babes I recommend.
What Olivia did, wishwishwish, Inthefrow, Salt and chic, Wonderful you, Pages by Megan, Thunder and threads and Zoe London these girls I've followed for years but still seem to be my faves from web layouts, photography, personal style etc they just win the game for me.

Favourite YouTuber's over this year, here I'm trying not to just list the exact same girls as the above topic but a few girls may slip in,
Again Megan Ellaby's youtube game has been insane in recent months with strong fashion videos with informative takes rather than just hauls, similarly to another babe at stealthespotlight does amazing trend based videos with links to runway trends and the best look books, oh and is very into vintage shopping which no one else in subscription list really talks about. Other amazing fashion channels to mention Zoe London, Helen Anderson and Lilly Melrose (both also very creative and great when talking about music). My favourite vloggers of this year have been Rhiannon Ashlee (obvs her main channel too), Dolly bow bow and The fletchers (Tom too), this may or may not have a lil something to-do with their beautiful kids. I also want to mention a few other gals who cover topics like sex, feminism and books - Just kiss my frog (from this poem on Brexit to this video about more ethical fashion) Hannah Witton for the Drunk advice series and sex talk the final girl is Lucy Moon  for poetry and her honest chatty videos - these three girls also work together in a wicked book (another bootuber who I can't ignore is BooksandQuills) series called 'The banging book club' in which they review various books around the themes of feminism and sex. I did not expect to list so many yet my list could go on.

A Fashion Oddity highlights - My blogging game this year has been weak I'll be the first to admit, I have posted the least about of posts in all of the four years I have been blogging.
However I still have a few personal favourites for us to recap on
- The first time I got political on my blog 
- Vintage clothes found their way onto my blog again
- One of the many outfit posts with a seaside background
- And finally my favourite outfit post from the whole year.

My instagram #2016bestnine 

Uni work - In September I began my second year at uni and have enjoyed my course much more, my blog may have fallen behind but I now have an online portfolio and Linkedin profile which is a site I love using as I am currently looking for placement year jobs and internships anything related to marketing or fashion from visual merchandising to social media I am interested in gaining further experience in. 

I hope you enjoyed this varied favourites post and please recommend any bloggers you think I should be following. Also hope you have been having an amazing festive few weeks.

Love Charlotte

Saturday, 24 December 2016

Lifestyle (films, music etc) favourites of 2016

Hey guys,

It's that time of year already when we get to look back on the last year or this time round the mess that was 2016. I've always loved writing this yearly favourites posts but this year I have taken it further with fashion favourites, digital faves (youtubers etc) and this one which is a bit of a lifestyle mix.
I have a few categories to go through but when looking back on my highlights I could only think of things that I've discovered since the summer.

TV - I am a bit of a TV junkie and spend 90% of my time with the TV on but I mostly just watch rubbish background TV but these are the few shows I've loved this year.

 Stranger things - the biggest show of the summer, if you haven't seen it yet, come on. I just adore this show the 80s soundtrack (Joy division, the clash etc basically my daily play list anyway) and the influences from some of my favourite films, its such a great storyline with amazing character developments and I've already watched it in full three times.
Gilmore Girls - I only really heard about this show at the start of the summer with the hype surrounding the revival so I decided the see what the hype was about and quickly mum and I became obsessed. I am yet to watch the revival but in terms of the teams I was basically in support of the best guy at the time ( first two seasons team Dean then team Jess and I was even team Logan for a bit) Now I feel like Logan is best on paper but in terms of chemistry she is meant to be with Jess so TEAM JESS however I also agree that it doesn't matter if she doesn't end with anyone, as for Lorelei again I loved Max and understand what she shares with Christopher but its always going to be Luke.
Orange is the new black - Season 4 which came out this summer was in my opinion the best yet. it had some of the funniest moments and I felt the messages were stronger than ever notably with the neo-nazi themes, right now lets not talk about the saddest part right?
Twin peaks - this show has been on my to-watch list for way too long and I finally gave it watch this year to fall in love with the show and the rest of Lynch's work, to the point in which Lynch is the focus of my current uni project. The mystery of this show is endless but its the aesthetic  and the characters that I love notably Agent Dale Cooper and Audrey Horne.
Sex and the city - Another show that I'm not quite sure how I have missed until now but it was exactly what I expected and wanted for this show. I think it took my something like 2 week to watch every episode. I don't think I need to say too much about it after all these years but the clothes, the girls who become our friends its just one of my favourite shows to re-watch.
My final TV mention from 2016 is Strictly come dancing, a show I have watched every single year but more recently I've been less into, being at uni mainly but this years I loved and watched every week. The standard was to high with the perfect comedy dancer in Ed balls and amazing dances most week from Louise, Ore and Danny who was my winner. I've watched this show since season 2 and I think Danny's samba (watch here) is my favourite dance I've ever seen on Strictly.

Films - I literally cant think of any good films I have seen that actually came out this year and I only went to the cinema three times (danish girl which was amazing, miss peregrines home for peculiar children which was okay and Alice through the looking glass, not so good) but a few films I have been obsessed with in 2016 are natural born killers, such a beautiful film that made me side with serial killers which is a tricky job to do, blue velvet after already mentioning my new love for Lynch this film shouldn't come as a surprise (so beautiful) and Almost famous again because of the amazing music influences and just how amazing Penny Lane is, played by Kate Hudson.

Music -Looking back this hasn't been a big year for my music taste I have mainly been listening to strangers things inspired music bands such as The clash, Jefferson aeroplane. Most recently aside from Christmas music I have been listening to Joanne by Lady gaga which is just an amazing album, I was never a huge fan of lady gaga but some of the songs on this album I get a hint of Miley Cyrus and Dolly Parton which I love. Also been loving You me at sixes new singles especially Plus one and Give. Other singles I've loved have been Make me (cry) by Noah Cyrus, Honey (the album too) by Moose blood (ma current fave band), Sick of losing soulmates by Dodie and obviously One Dance by Drake.
Now I must mention Lemonade by Beyonce, Blonde by Frank Ocean, the band Cigarettes after sex who are just beautiful (listen to their cover of Keep on loving you originally by REO speedwagon. My final music favourite is of course an old album that I have just discovered, Tapestry by Carole King. If you too haven't listened to this masterpiece you will actually know many of the songs as she was mainly known as a songwriter in the sixties, songs such as Will you love me tomorrow?, (You make me feel like) A Natural woman and Where you lead aka the Gilmore girls theme tune.

Moments - Now a few of my personal lifestyle memories, this years summer holiday was to west wales which was lovely as I got to go back to the places I spent most of my holidays as a child (you can read a bit about it here), then I was so lucky to be taken to Friendfest and got to spend a day in Monica's apartment and central perk which was just a dream (link here), I loved the start of second year uni so much (so far anyway) the course has been so much better than first year plus the nights out I found myself on this term were lush. In the summer I went to meet Carrie Fletcher , she was so lovely and it was amazing to meet her as she was the first YouTuber I started watching nearly 5 years ago now. I also had a great time in February in London with my best mates for London fashion week and so many more spending a weekend in bath with my Uncle and meeting uni friends, assisting back stage at a fashion show and living by the sea again.

I hope you've enjoyed this post which was basically me passionately ranting about my favourite shows.

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE, hope you all have the best time !!

Love Charlotte
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