Monday, 14 August 2017

A little guide to Pembrokshire - Holiday pt 2

Hey Guys,

My second holiday post from our trip down West Wales is here this time looking at my favourite county (in Wales at least), Pembrokshire.


Saundersfoot is a small town near Tenby that has a beautiful long beach, a harbour and a few streets of shops and cafes. Majority are just traditional British seaside kind of shops but the standout ones are Christkindl which is a lovely gift, home and card shop and I always end up buying presents and little things in there but its not all holiday souvenir specific. Walk on Water is a great surf clothes shop as much as the kind of brands are exactly my style its another kind of shop that I always love to have a browse in on holiday. For food I'd recommend The boathouse which is a beautiful seafood restaurant and bar but there is also a more traditional fish and chip shop with a great a few little cafes too. Finally as every seaside trip should include ice cream my favourite here is from the new Hive Aberareon ice cream parlour which is made using honey rather than sugar and its just amazing.

Carew Castle 

You know how much I love exploring castle well Pembrokshire is full of plenty, notably Pembroke Castle which is one of my all time faves but on this trip we explored Carew Castle which is really  near Tenby and we went one afternoon after having the morning and lunch in Saundersfoot. As a lot of typical medieval castle there are plenty of turrets to climb up and get views of the moat and a mill house further down.


Tenby is probably the most popular town in Pembrokshire and its a great place to stay as it has everything and its very central for other day trips. With multiple beaches, a harbour, colour houses on every street, a castle, boat trips and of course so many cute shops to explore its always been on of my favourite days out in the area. I spoke in more detail about Tenby recommendations in this post but a new discovery in the fuchsia cafe which is a licensed restaurant and florist but the menu is so varied is perfect for brunch or dinner and cocktails or just tea and cake like we did but its such a cute place to sit inside or in the courtyard among flowers.

St. Davids 

St. Davids is the U.K's smallest city but its a beautiful place although apart from the cathedral there isn't much there. We went for lunch at the Grove hotel  then walked through the town there is only a few shops including Window on Wales, TYF a adventure and ladies clothes store, Unsunghero a skateshop with a coffee bar a there is a sweet book shop next to the cathedral walk as well as a Fat Face and a Moshulu. For food there is Cwtch* an award winning restaurant and St. Davids kitchen which is 'from farm to fork' organic restaurant as well as a few farmers markets and cafes.


Finally the end of our trip takes us to the little harbour village of Solva which when driving home (if staying anywhere nearer Tenby, Pembroke or Pendine like I was) is just outside St.Davids and I'd recommend stopping here for an hour before going home for a walk along the harbour and the high street which is so colourful and you'll find a few art galleries, a tea room and a bigger 'Window on Wales' which is a local department store curated full of beautiful seaside esque pieces for the home, wardrobe and family and its another place that we love to have a browse around every time we are in Pembrokeshire.

Hope you enjoyed this look into my favourite places we visited on this holiday (I know there is a so much little towns, castles and especially big beaches I could also talk about in West Wales) but this is definitely enough to fill a weeks holiday appreciating Wales' beauty.

Love Charlotte

Monday, 31 July 2017

Summer brights - Style post

Hey Guys,

Shirt - Zara
Trousers  - Zara 
Watch - Olivia Burton 
Shoes - River Island

I adore this look for being comfy yet somewhat formal. The bright pink and floral prints but everything is super lose fitting meaning its super comfy. I feel so ready to explore, its perfect for traveling. Blue is one of my favourite colours to wear yet I don't own much blue at all, especially blue that isn't a stripped top. Both these pieces are from Zara which is where I ended up getting most of my new summer clothes this year. The shoes are a style I wasn't keen on for ages as I didn't want the open toe but finding low everyday black heels seemed really hard this season on the highest. As I got the shoes and trousers in the sales (£15, £12) and tge top was only £25 this was a suoer cheap outfit for this season.
I'm currently in Italy (Rome for the weekend then the Abruzzo region for a fortnight so not sure how many posts I'll get up after this x xo

Love Charlotte

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Two tone denim and paisley - Style post

Hey Guys,

jeans, denim, outfit, fashion

Sunglasses : New look via ASOS
Top : Topshop 
Jeans : TU at Sainsburys 
Belt : New Look
Shoes : Moshulu 

As much as in the summer I try to experiment more and wear less jeans but this is British summer so there are some days when we still need jeans. These are the newest additions to my denim wardrobe and I am pretty fussy with skinny jeans and normal steer away from any styles on trend such as the embroidery because I want my jeans to last every season but I thought these were perfect. The two tones of denim, being a darker shade at the back as well as having the frayed hems are both so on trend while still being versatile and should withstand seasons after this trend has past. As I mentioned in a previous post (here) I adore the clothes at TU Sainsbury's and these jeans are another great example.
Here I have teamed them with this cute off the shoulder crop top I've had from Top\shop for a few years and my favourite shoes for walking all day (again exploring castles).
I still have a few more holiday outfit posts from the trip in West Wales and soon I'm off to Italy so its all very exciting. 

Love Charlotte

Monday, 24 July 2017

A little guide to Carmathenshire - Holiday pt 1

Hey Guys,

As you guys know from the last few outfit posts and my social media, I spent the last fortnight down my family's caravan in Pendine. It's a little beach village on the border between Carmathenshire and Pembrokhsire in West Wales. I've always loved Pembrokshire and its where I went on most of my holidays as a kid but I'm getting to love Carmathenshire now too. 

I'm spliting my holiday posts in two parts one being about what we did each day in Carmathenshire and the other in Pembrokshire which should be going up next week.

Firstly Pendine as I said is an small village mainly with the caravan park and then a long promenade which is full of pubs, cafes, ice cream parlours and a surf shop. Every evening we'd head for a walk along the seafront and you can carry on up the point onto the cliff top walk to carry on and find a few hidden beaches, with pink sunsets like this its beautiful.  The beach actually stretches 7 miles. 

Next I wanna talk about Laurgarne, which was one of my favourite days out of the holiday. It is pretty small and we have driven past it loads on the way to Pendine but there is actually loads to do.

There is only a few shops and restaurants but its enough there is a cute traditional welsh gift shop. a tearooms called 'The owl and the pussycat' which is great for cakes but also lunches like local crab sandwichs or go to Ferryman's deli (pictured on the left) for lots of local produce and an amazing brunch menu. Then for dinner there is Arthur's a lil Italian with homemade pizzas or go to Portheeve restaurant and bar (pictured right) which does a great seafood and grill menu.

However one of the two things that Laugharne  is know for is the castle. I adore visiting different castles and exploring the towers and this one is amazing for that. It lies right on the edge of the town so at the top of the tower is beautiful views of the whole town including amazing views out on the sandy estuary. It was built in the medieval ages but was renovated in the Tudor era. In the grounds there is also a cute gazebo summer house building looking out on the river and a maze.

After going round the castle we went on a walk along the sandy river banks and if you carry on far enough you reach the Dylan Thomas boat house which is probably why most people come here. Even if you aren't into his poetry its an amazing place to visit. A its easy to see why he choose this place to come and be inspired with his writing.  

Love Charlotte

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Q and A / The Liebster award - Lifestyle post

Hey Guys,

I haven't done one of these posts in what feels like years. The various blogger nominated award posts were everywhere back in 2013/ 2014 and I have probably answered so many already but I have been tagged in one recently by Gem from My SweetAnxiety.

If you could live in any fantasy world, which would it be?
I'm not into fantasy as a genre when it comes to books and film which is why I can't think of any I'd actually like to live in, I'd love to spend time in Tim Burton esque world although I'm not sure about living there for ever. 

You get to have a meal with 5 people, dead or alive, who are they?
This is actually so hard because there is so many for so many different reasons and ideally you'd want them to get along well otherwise the dinner would be a bit awkward. I'm picking Jeremy Corbyn because he is one of the main reasons I've been so politically active recently and his determination to stick with his beliefs will always inspire me, David Bowie for obvious reasons. Now lets get some ladies on here with Margret Atwood obviously because of the handmaids tale but in general she is such an intelligent interesting lady with so much to say about our society. Next I'm going to pick Megan Ellaby as I'd need someone there from the fashion and blogging industry to pick their brains and she is just my ultimate fave. Finally Audrey Hepburn she is my favourite old Hollywood actress and did so much for charity. However I could probably change my mind and add a load more people to this list.

Which is your favourite animal to see in the zoo?
I haven't been to a zoo since my year 8 school trip to one and they make me a bit uncomfortable but the animal I'd love to visit most is Fawns and deer. I remember visiting a manor house with fawns in the grounds and it was the best.

If you could play any instrument, which would it be?
I did use to play guitar in primary school  and loved it but wasn't very motivated as you start off learning classical guitar so I'd love to be able to play electric guitar properly.

What is your favourite season, and why?
I change my mind on this as each season comes a goes but it would have to be winter, but the good winter days when its clear skies, sun is out but its super cold and could snow at any moment.

If you could spend a night out with any celeb, who would it be?
I love this question and its something my best mates and I comment on all the time whenever we see someone cool on tele we say 'god they'd be a right laugh on a night out' or something i now realise is cringe but now I have come to answer this I can't think of one stand out person in particular but I have for sure said that anyone from Jeremy Corbyn to Joe Lycett (one of my favourite comedians) would be a firm choice.

What are your favourite things to do for self-care?
My most regular form of self care is just getting in bed watching one of the many old crappy TV shows and films that I have seen countless times with lots of snacks usually pizza then cadbury chocolate.

What is your pet hate?
I honestly am struggling to think of things I don't tend to get annoyed with small things (even being at uni and living with strangers twice not much annoys me) obviously big issues on a more political level I can rant and get annoyed for days. One pet hate though is just general rudeness one thing that drives me nuts is when someone bumps into you in the street I awkwardly mumble 'sorry' but the person who is technically at fault never says sorry. This obviously carries on further than politeness with strangers in town I just hate when people can;t admit they were wrong, learn from something and apologise.

What snacks do you choose in the cinema?
Cinema food is so expensive so if I don't have a bag of chocolate in my handbag for the film I get the kids offer of a small coke and small toffee popcorn which is enough and costs less than an adults small popcorn.

What do you eat for breakfast?
I don't tend to eat breakfast or eat in the mornings at all but I do love brunch foods like smoked salmon and poached eggs on toast and of course avocado and eggs on toast.

If you won £1,000,000,000 on the lottery, what is the first thing that you would buy?
I'm a student working two retail jobs and even since having those jobs I feel like I never have money. I will soon be paying two months rent on the most expensive house at uni so far before my student loan comes so I am always thinking about what I would rather be spending my money on but its never anything extravagant. At the moment I am looking into putting more money into my blog through hiring a photographer and a new web design (if you have any recommendations in this are please leave a comment or tweet me @afashionoddity) but if I knew I had £1 million sorted for all the practical stuff one thing I'd buy first to treat myself is a pair of Saint Laurent rock ayers boots, I'm not hugely into labels or designer clothes but I am obsessed with these at the moment.

The 11 questions I'd like to ask are...

What job did you want to do when you were a child?
If you could get on any plane right now, where would you travel?
What's one goal you aim to achieve by the end of this year?
What's your favourite thing about blogging?
Name one blogger who inspires you and why
If you could only shop at one fashion brand forever, where would you shop?
What's one film you could always watch repeatedly?
Name one fictional character you'd love to hang out with?
If you could see any artist (dead or alive) in concert, who would you see?
Whats your dream first date?
Celebrity crush wise who would that said dream date be with?

As I usually do with this Q and A blogger tag posts I nominate anyone reading this who whats to do it but I also nominate Charlie from High street beauty junkie, Chloe, and Chloe Harriets. xo Let me know in the comments or twitter (@afashionoddity) if you do go ahead and answer the questions.

Hope you enjoyed my answers and getting to know me a lil better.

Love Charlotte

Monday, 17 July 2017

It feels just like velvet - Style post

Hey Guys,

fashion, ootd, velvet skirt,

Jacket: Gap 
Top: New Look
Skirt : Marks and Spencer (now in the sale)
Shoes: Moshulu 
Sunglasses : New Look via ASOS 

This outfit I worn a few weeks back for a family garden party at Godolphin Manor house and it was perfect for that occasion as my family don't tend to dress too fancy so I dressed all pink and floral for a garden party but it was also so comfy and practical.
I had this beautiful skirt as a present for my birthday from my nan and I adore it as it can be really formal but its my usual favourite being comfy and lose fitting for these bloated days. Plus velvet is usually worn in the winter in darker colours but this is just beaut.
Most of the time wearing the skirt I've just teamed it with a plain white tee but for those day where I need a little extra I've been obsessed with this navy cami top with pink flowers on.
Mum did tell me I was dressed way too fancy for walking round a castle this day however I was feeling too uncomfortable for my tight skinny jeans and it was too cold for all the short dresses and beach clothes I packed with me on holiday, for years I hated the idea of wearing any skirt or dress that fell below the knees, I am a pretty short gal too so felt longer skirts would make me look even shorter but this skirt has changed my mind completely and I won't be forever shying away from the midi skirt now.
Finally these shoes are a little different for me although I have always had a weird soft spot for the traditional boat / deck shoe. I have always hated shopping for shoes as I can always find all the boots I want and all the sandals but practical in between shoes I really struggle with but these have ticked all the boxes with being practical (even worn them on some long cliff top walks), so so comfy, colourful with these pinks and blues being two of my favourite shades and fit into my wardrobe so well and they are perfect for the unpredictable British summer weather.

Hope you are enjoying the more regular outfit posts here and this outfit with a few out of my usual style pieces with the medi skirt and deck shoes.

I used to name majority of my outfit posts a few years ago with a song lyric related to post somehow but because of SEO and all the we have all shy-ed away from that but I had to relate this post to either Blue Velvet or Velvet / Jenny Francis by Stormzy, just couldn't not do it.

Love Charlotte
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